Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Iiyama company released a new ECO- monitors with 19- inches : business- model proLite B1906S, proposed in two color performance (black and white case).

The matrix of this monitor is characterized by the resolution 1280x1024 , high relation of contrast (Advanced contrast ratio (ACR)) - 20000:1 with brightness 250 nits and with the response time 5 ms. Viewing angles are relatively small - 160°/155° along vertical line and horizontal respectively. This monitor supports pivot- function, and it can be turned on 90°.

One of the special features is the support of new regime (ECO mode), which allow to consume less energy up to 34,4% . The typical energy consumption is only 21 W and 1 W in the standby regime .

The overall monitor sizes are equal to 409 x 415 (525) x 249,5 mm with the weight 6,1 kg.


ASUS company prepares the motherboard ASUS TUF sabertooth 55i - series TUF, which will be released for LGA-1156 processors in parallel with the already known products series republic of gamers (ROG).

ASUS TUF  sabertooth 55i

TUF series will be characterized by high reliability, including new generation computer components, utilized with the creation of cooling elements.


By the code name GT230, we imply the 40 nm video chip with directX 10.1 support , which will appear in the following block. It is based on 64 to 96 stream processors and can work with GDDR-5 memory.

Associate reported last week that NVIDIA will replace the video card notation in this autumn. Moreover, old products will also obtain a new name. For example, all series GeForce 9xxx will be renamed in GeForce 1xx, the more productive solutions on base of GT2xx chips series will obtain the names in the form GeForce 2xx, and the newest products high end class will relate to the series GeForce 3xx.

In the composition of some finished computers, we can already meets the mysterious video card GeForce GT 230 with 1,5 Gb memory and directX 10 support. The energy consumption level of this card does not exceeds 75 W. HP Company uses GeForce GT 230 in its computers and even published the photograph of this video card:

GeForce GT 230

It is possible to learn that this video card works at 500/1000 MHz frequencies. On the rear video card panel, it is possible to reveal DVI, D -Sub and HDMI ports- the latter does not support sound transmission. This can be the renamed Geforce 9600 GSO with DDR 2 memory .


In Japan was last week we noticed the netbook model N10A from the production of Chinese company shenzhen weibu electronics, which uses the dual core processor atom 330 (1.6 GHz), which was originally intended for nettop. Furthermore, this netbook with 10.1 inches screen is based on the integrated chipset NVIDIA GeForce 9400M.

N10A netbook

The processor TDP level (atom 330) does not exceed 8 W - this is already a lot for netbook, but it is completely acceptable for full-scale laptop computer . This computer has two ports USB 2.0 and HDMI, and is also equipped with 1 Gb type DDR-2 memory and 150 Gb HDD with SATA-300 interface. The support Of hyper-Threading allow the processor atom 330 simultaneously to process up to four thread. This netbook is not supplied with any operating system. It cost in Japan $530.


In the fourth quarter present year Intel company intends to present immediately seven new CULV- processors, and they all will be dual cores. They will relate to the series sU2x00, SU4x00 and SU7x00, and information about their specifications and names is absent. In the series sU2x00 will fall two new processors, SU2500 and SU2600, which are more powerful in comparison with existing now SU2300, in which there is only 1 mb cache L2 and 1 GHz frequency .

 seven new CULV- processors

In the series sU4x00 will enter immediately three TsP, SU4100, SU4500 and SU4700, first of which Intel will get the clock frequency 1,3 GHz and cache in the second level with 2 mb capacity. Remained two new processors will become the part of sU7x00 series. They are called SU7300 and SU7800; moreover, SU7300 must obtain the frequency 1,3 GHz and 3 mb cache in the second level. According to some information, all seven new processors will cost 300 US dollars.

MSI NF750-G55

MSI company presents the new model - MSI NF750-G55 on base of NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI chipset. The application of indicated chipset tells us about the presence of an integrated graphic core with the support Of directX 10. This model supports central processor socket AM3, in the list enter the models series AMD phenom II and Athlon II. There are four slots DDR3, which works at the frequency up to 1600 MHz. For the qualitative power answers the technology active phase switching.

MSI NF750-G55

The motherboard is equipped with two slots PCI express x16 for the installation of graphic adapters. In this case, the support of SLI and Hybrid SLI technologies are provided. The motherboard MSI NF750-G55 includes five ports SATA with 3,0 Gbit/s capacity, one port eSATA, gigabit ethernet, 7.1- channel sound.


Following the recently presented memory modules mushkin copperhead, which are equipped with copper radiators, mushkin company announces DDR3 memory modules , which are oriented for AMD AM3 platform .

mushkin ddr 3 for amd am3

mushkin ddr 3 for amd am3

According to the producer data, the new memory modules are suitable for systems with AMD AM3 processors.

The memory collections are characterized by the operating frequency 600 MHz (which corresponds to PC3-12800 standard), and they consist on two modules on 2 GB each. The list of the announced collections with their brief characteristics is given below:

  • 996657AM3 - XP3-12800 4096 mb dual channel kit CL 7-7-7-20 1,85 V -1,95 v
  • 996601AM3 - XP3-12800 4096 mb dual channel kit CL 7-7-6-18 1,85 V -1,95 v
  • 996659AM3 - XP3-12800 4096 mb dual channel kit CL 9-9-9-27 1,65 V -1,70 v
  • 996629AM3 - XP3-12800 4096 mb dual channel kit CL 8-8-8-24 1,80 V -1,90 v


During spring we reported, that Prolimatech prepares three cooler models- for CPU, which are based on the megahalems cooler version . Three models (Genesis, Jericho and The mammoth) are released under the commercial trade mark DFI lANParty.

Prolimatech Mega shadow

Now Prolimatech prepared one more cooler Mega shadow.

Prolimatech Mega shadow

Prolimatech Mega shadow

The cooler mega shadow is intended for processor socket LGA 775 and 1366. It will be also compatible with LGA 1156 processor.

Prolimatech Mega shadow

Its cost will lie within the limits of 70-80 dollars. On sale it appears in September.


Corsair company declared about the production of new SSD with 256 GB volume in its highly productive series xtreme.

The new corsair extreme series x256, created on base of updated controller indilinx and flash- memory samsung MLC NAND, combine the high data transmission speed with the great capacity - 256 gigas-byte.

CMFSSD-256D corsair SSD x256

Corsair extreme series x256 supplement the existing already models x32, X64 and X128. The reading speed composes 240 MB/s, and writing - 170 MB/s. The x256 SSD includes a cache with 64 MB volume., ensuring high performance without delays.

SSD corsair extreme series x256 can be acquired from authorized distributors and reseller.


We repeatedly discussed, that the memory for LGA 1156 platform differs from complete sets for LGA 1366 platform , according to large calculation, only in terms of quantity of channels and modules in the collection. But, this does not prevent memory producers from the release of new DDR-3 collections, intended only for LGA 1156 processors .

OCZ technology company presented yesterday the series dual two-channel complete set DDR-3, optimized for use in systems with LGA 1156 socket.

ocz ddr3 lga 1156

They all have the volume 2 x 2GB, they are equipped with radiators XTC and work with 1.65 V

  • PC3-15000 (DDR3-1866) platinum low voltage - > 2 x 2GB, 9-9-9-27, 1.65 v;
  • PC3-15000 (DDR3-1866) gold low voltage - > 2 x 2 GB, 10-10-10-27, 1.65 v;
  • PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600) platinum low voltage - > 2 x 2 GB, 7-7-7-24, 1.65 v;
  • PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600) gold low voltage - > 2 x 2 GB, 8-8-8-24, 1.65 v;
  • PC3-10666 (DDR3-1333) platinum low voltage - > 2 x 2 GB, 7-7-7-20, 1.65 v;
  • PC3-10666 (DDR3-1333) gold low voltage - > 2 x 2 GB, 9-9-9-20, 1.65 v.

All enumerated memory collections are supplied with life time guarantee from the producer. Combination of low timing with high frequency and moderate voltage must favorably affect the speed and energy consumption level of this memory.


Recently, Nokia was interested in netbook, and in this, there is nothing strange - on essence, the company must interest adjacent mobile products. Nokia already for 25-year deals with the creation of mobile devices, constantly enlarging its product series. Telephones, smart phone - now apparently, came time, also, for netbook.

There was originally the assumption that this netbook will be built on the ARM architecture, and will not be as fast as competitors, but this economical processor will considerably increase the operating time from the battery. And here, today appeared the press release, in which the company already in more detail describes its plans. This new laptop computer will be based on Intel atom processor.

nokia netbook

Furthermore, it is reported that the device weight will be only 1.25 kg with 10 inches matrix with HD permission.


We already reported yesterday about the price positioning of AMD radeon HD 5870 model. This video card will be sold on the price of approximately $300, and as direct competitors for this model it is worthwhile to examine the graphic adapters NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285. According to some unofficial data, the new video card will be noticeably more productive than their predecessors on base of RV770 processors - increase in the productivity can prove to be even two-fold. This indicates only that on this price the AMD Radeon HD 5870 will become an outstanding market proposal for buyer.

AMD radeon HD 5850

AMD radeon HD 5850

The official release of video card is planned on September 22, 2009, almost two weeks later than the official video card evergreen, which takes place already on September 10.

We finally propose to the readers to admire the photographs of video card AMD radeon HD 5850. Let us here note the sufficiently massive cooling system - high-speed GDDR5 memory standard it requires qualitative heat withdrawal.

TSMC talk about 28 nm technical process

We already reported about all forms of AMD AM3 processors unlocking : Users are able to unlock all four processors cores with two and three active core and recently the single core Sempron 140 could unlock the second core . Furthermore, processor models with the reduced cache volume in the third level with the successful circumstances opened access to the total cache volume .

Today on XtremeSystems was demonstrated how early engineering model athlon II X4 620 can unlock cache in the third level with 6 MB volume .

athlon II X4 620 unlocked

Actually, the early processors models athlon II X4 6xx can be completely based on deneb core with the off cache in the third level. However, the series processors athlon II X4, as we succeeded in explaining, will be based on the monolithic four core crystal propus with the reduced area, without cache in the third level.

MSI x410

After reporting yesterday about the processors magny-Cours with twelve core on one base layer, AMD representatives reported about the characteristics of these processors new generation opteron. We start from Magny-Cours opteron processors which will acquire the support of DDR-3 memory .

In essence, even the memory controller of present opteron processors is capable to support DDR-3, but AMD did not introduce the support of this memory type for some reasons. From the architectural side the processors magny-Cours will be based on istanbul processors , which have six core on one crystal. To each core there 512 KB cache in the second level, and the cache volume in the third level will be 2 X 6 mb. The processors magny-Cours will find use in the servers with processor quantity from two to four pieces.

Magny-Cours opteron processors

With the reference to the words of AMD representatives 12 core processors magny-Cours will possess the same energy consumption level as six-core istanbul processor . Now these processors have a ACP level not more than 105 W with the frequency value not more than 2.8 GHz. As explain AMD representatives , in case of Magny-Cours the frequency will below, the companies will increase the quantity of core two times with the use of the same 45 nm technical process. New energy-saving functions will be added for savings electric power. The detailed characteristics of magny-Cours processors will become known nearer to the announcement, which is planned for the first quarter 2010.

Acer eC1803h

MSI company begin the sale of its thin laptop computer model x410 in a number of Europe countries . In particular, it is already possible to acquire in France this notebook for 415 Euros, and in Belgium - for 500 Euros. In a week, this model will arrive to Italy, and gradually it will be extended on entire Europe. This notebook has a 14- inch screen and enters in the series X -slim, since the thickness of its case does not exceed 25 mm. The weight of x410 is sufficiently small, with such overall sizes it is only 1,5 kg as in more compact notebook.

MSI x410

In the list of hardware specifications enters the platform AMD neo, the processor athlon neo MV-40 with the clock frequency 1,6 GHz and DDR2 with 2 Gb volume. Hard drive in this laptop computer has the capacity 320 Gb, and on it is found the already installed operating system Windows vista home premium. The additional special features Of x410 include a 2-mp Web- camera, wiFi 802.11b/g/n module, Bluetooth 2.0 and two ports USB 2.0.

Apacer A7 turbo

Acer company in corporation with gateway created the ultra-compact laptop computer eC1803h, which is been the altered version Of acer timeline 1810T. This computer is based on an Intel CULV platform, which is recommended as very energy-effective, and its based on Intel core 2 Solo processor, which works at 1,4 GHz frequency. This computer is equipped with 11,6- inches screen and has the build in video core Intel GMA4500.

gateway eC1803h

EC1803h even now can be ordered in one Canadian stores , where it costs 600 Canadian dollars. The technical characteristics of this laptop computer include 3 Gb DDR2 memory , 250 Gb HDD , and a collection of standard ports and HDMI supplement , multi format card reader class 5 in 1.


Apacer company , attempt to increase its presence on the market for flash- disk, and prepared the high-speed device on base of SSD.

Apacer A7 turbo ssd

This device, as it is expected, will be called Apacer A7 turbo, and it will be made in form factor 2,5 inches . This disk will be proposed by the company in two versions with the capacity: 128 and 256 GB.

Apacer A7 turbo is equipped with serial ATA II interface, and it will allow a high operating speed, both during copying of data (reading 230 MB/s) and during writing processes - 200 MB/s. This device energy consumption - typically low as in the majority of SSD- disk, and it is 0,26 W.

On sale A7 turbo will appear soon according to associate.

Celeron e3200 and E3300

AMD company proposed its answer to Atom: the single core processor athlon 2650e (1.6 GHz) with the TDP level not more than 15 W, and also the dual core processor athlon X2 3250e (1.5 GHz) with the TDP level not more than 22 W. Both were released on 65 nm technology.

Associate reports that in the fourth quarter AMD will present the single core 45 nm processor athlon II 160U (1.8 GHz) with TDP level not more than 20 W and cache in the second level with 1 mb volume. It will have the socket AM3 and support DDR3-1066 memory . On essence, this will be the analog of new 45 nm processors sempron sargas core. This new processor will replace the existing processors athlon X2 6850e (1.8 GHz) and Athlon X2 3250e (1.6 GHz), which will be removed from production in the fourth quarter this year.

The processors of this class can be used in the compact desktop systems, according to the classification Of Intel named nettop. Furthermore, in the fourth quarter AMD will present the dual core processors athlon II 250U (1.6 GHz) and Athlon II 260U (1.8 GHz), that have TDP level not are more than 25 W. They will be also released on 45 nm technology, with socket AM3 and 2 X 1 mb cache in the second level .

Acer Vertion Z280G-EA271CP

In June this year, the series processors intel celeron e3000 will completely replace the series e1000 at the beginning of 2010. Now appeared information about the budget series processors intel celeron e3000 : celeron e3200 and E3300.

celeron e3900

According to associate Intel plan to release the model celeron e3900, whose operating frequency is 3,4 GHz (with FSB 200 MHz and 17x multiplier), and its L2- cache has the volume of 1 mb.

celeron e3900

celeron e3900

According to intel plans, this fast Celeron will appear in the first quarter 2010.

Analysts observe the signs of improvement in the video card market

Autumnal seasons back to school began, and precisely during this period the majority of companies present their new products. The new devices types from series monoblocks, where all is united in one case, collects popularity, and Acer presented the new monoblock Acer Vertion Z280G-EA271CP.

This is simple and convenient solution for home, office or any other place, where compactness convenience and efficiency are required. This nettop has the diagonal 18.5 inches with the sides relationship 16:9 and HD resolution 1366 X 768 pixels.

Acer Vertion Z280G-EA271CP

Vertion Z280G is aimed at the corporate segment. Therefore, its characteristic is less impressing than in the one mentioned from asus. The Processor Intel atom n270, video Intel GMA 950, 2 Gb memory and 160 GB hard drive. This nettop is coupled with gigabit net card and Wi-Fi. The operating system is Windows XP professional .This Device has annual guarantee, sales will start soon in the USA territory on recommended price $499.

Intel® Lead-Free and Halogen-Free Products

Lead and halogen materials have been used by the entire electronics industry for decades. And concerns have risen around the impact they're having on our environment. Intel integrates environmental performance goals into every aspect of our design and manufacturing. That's why we've moved to lead-free in our 45nm high-k metal gate process technology and why we're making the additional move to halogen-free products in 2008

Making performance packed microprocessors

Making performance packed microprocessors

From revolutionary hafnium-based 45nm Intel® process technology, to 32nm and beyond, Intel's state-of-the-art manufacturing processes are designed for massive volumes delivering breakthrough transistor counts and performance, in smaller, more energy-efficient packages.

Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition

Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition
Conquer the world of extreme gaming with the fastest processor on the planet: the Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition.¹ With faster, intelligent multi-core technology that responds to your workload, it delivers an incredible breakthrough in gaming performance.

Intel Prices Offering of $1.75 Billion of 3.25 Percent Junior Subordinated Convertible Debentures

ntel Corporation today announced the pricing of its offering of $1.75 billion principal amount of 3.25 percent junior subordinated convertible debentures due 2039. The debentures were offered and sold to qualified institutional buyers pursuant to Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. The sale is expected to close July 27, 2009. Intel has also granted to the initial purchasers of the debentures the right to purchase up to an additional $250 million principal amount of debentures to cover overallotments. Intel intends to seek a rating for the debentures promptly following the offering.

Interest will be payable on the debentures semiannually at a rate of 3.25 percent per annum. In addition to regular interest, beginning on Aug. 1, 2019, contingent interest will accrue in certain circumstances relating to the trading price of the debentures. In certain circumstances, the debentures will be convertible into cash up to their principal amount and any conversion value above the principal amount will, at Intel's option, be settled with shares of Intel common stock or cash. The initial conversion rate for the debentures is 44.0917 shares of common stock per $1,000 principal amount of the debentures, which is equal to a conversion price of approximately $22.68 per share, representing a 20 percent conversion premium based on the closing price of Intel's common stock of $18.90 per share on July 21, 2009. The debentures mature Aug. 1, 2039.

Intel may not redeem the debentures prior to Aug. 5, 2019, except in connection with certain tax-related events. On or after Aug. 5, 2019, Intel may redeem for cash all or a part of the debentures if the last reported sale price of its common stock has been at least 150 percent of the conversion price then in effect for at least 20 trading days during any 30 consecutive trading day period prior to the date on which Intel provides notice of redemption. The redemption price will equal 100 percent of the principal amount of the debentures to be redeemed, plus accrued and unpaid interest, including any contingent interest or additional interest, if any, to but excluding the purchase date. Intel may also redeem all or a part of the debentures for cash on or prior to July 27, 2010 at a premium if certain U.S. federal tax legislation, regulations or rules are enacted or are issued.

Intel intends to use up to $1.5 billion of the net proceeds to purchase shares of its common stock concurrently with, or shortly after, pricing of the debentures from institutional investors in negotiated transactions through one or more of the initial purchasers, as Intel's agent and under an accelerated stock repurchase program with one of the initial purchasers. The other party to the accelerated stock repurchase program may purchase or sell Intel common stock in the secondary market during the term of the accelerated stock repurchase agreement to hedge its position. Transactions effected as part of such repurchases could affect or maintain the market price of Intel's common stock. Intel intends to use the remainder of the proceeds for general corporate purposes. If the initial purchasers exercise their overallotment option, Intel may use a portion of the net proceeds from the sale of additional debentures to repurchase additional shares of its common stock.

This announcement is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any of these securities and shall not constitute an offer, solicitation or sale in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale is unlawful.

The debentures have not been and will not be registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or any state securities laws and may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an applicable exemption from registration requirements.

Intel Capital Announces Five Cleantech Investments

Today at the Technology Innovation Summit, Intel Capital, Intel Corporation's global investment organization, reaffirmed its dedication to foster clean technology innovation with the announcement of five cleantech investments. The deals, which total approximately $10 million and span two continents, include first-time investment in U.S.-based CPower (demand response and energy efficiency) as well as follow-on investments in Ireland-based Powervation (digital power control) and U.S.-based companies Convey Computer (energy efficient high performance computing), Grid Net (smart meter infrastructure) and iControl (home automation and monitoring).

"Intel Capital has made a significant commitment to invest in the cleantech sector in recognition of the increasing need for alternative energy production and advanced energy management and utilization solutions," said Arvind Sodhani, president of Intel Capital and Intel executive vice president. "The global nature of these five investments demonstrates our focus on accelerating cleantech innovation, emphasizing Intel Capital's unique strength as a global, stage agnostic investor."

"These investments share synergies focused on accelerating adoption of Smart Grid technologies, fostering energy efficiency and performance in ways that benefit consumers of electricity and power utilities as well as complement Intel's strategic objectives," said Steve Eichenlaub, managing director of platform technologies, cleantech and digital health, Intel Capital. "Each investment underlies Intel Capital's commitment to invest in cutting edge technologies and support our expanding portfolio of cleantech-related companies."

Intel Helps Convert Unused PC Processor Power into an Instrument to Fight Disease and Study Climate Change

Often in the fight against cancer, researchers are not limited by their ingenuity, but the resources available to make research effective. The processor power needed to handle complex calculations is often in short supply. To help address this need, Intel Corporation today announced Progress Thru Processors, a new volunteer computing application built on the Facebook platform that allows people to donate their PCs' unused processor power to research projects such as Rosetta@home, which uses the additional computing power to help find cures for cancer and other diseases such as HIV and Alzheimer's.

In addition to Rosetta@home, Progress Thru Processors participants can choose to contribute excess processor computing power to the research efforts of and Africa@home. is dedicated to increased understanding of global climate change by predicting the Earth's climate and testing the accuracy of climate models. Africa@home is currently focused on finding optimal strategies to combat malaria by studying simulation models of disease transmission and the potential impact of new anti-malarial drugs and vaccines.

"In the same spirit as Intel's Small Things Challenge, Progress Thru Processors underscores our belief that small contributions made by individuals can collectively have a far-reaching impact on our world," said Deborah Conrad, Intel vice president and general manager, Corporate Marketing Group. "By simply running an application on your computer, which uses very little incremental resources, you can expand computing resources to researchers working to make the world a better place."

Launched today as a public beta and available to all Facebook users at, the application automatically directs a computer's idle processor power to fuel researchers' computational efforts. The application will activate only when a PC's performance is not being fully utilized. When the participant's computer usage demands more processor performance, the application defers and sits idle until spare processing capabilities become available again.

The application runs automatically as a background process on a PC and will not affect performance or any other tasks. Additionally, Progress Thru Processors does not require participants to leave their computers powered up unnecessarily. By keeping their PCs on only as they normally would, participants will still be contributing to life-changing research.

Intel's long history supporting volunteer computing projects includes sponsorship of SETI@home as well as Intel's Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program, which donated computer processing power to cancer research.

For Progress Thru Processors, Intel has teamed with GridRepublic, a not-for-profit volunteer computing organization that seeks to bring together people with spare processing power with worthy projects in need of computing resources.

"The social and scientific utility of volunteer computing is a function of the number of participants – the more people we sign up, the greater the good we can collectively do," said Matt Blumberg, executive director of GridRepublic. "We're optimistic that the combination of the Facebook platform and Intel's global reach will help bring large numbers of new people into volunteer computing, enabling research and discovery which would otherwise be impossible."

Progress Thru Processors was developed in collaboration with the National Science Foundation-funded BOINC project at the University of California, Berkeley. Marketing and creative for Progress Thru Processors was provided by noise, a New York-based marketing agency.